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"I believe it was Simon Fraser who took that great trip," said McDonald, "(naming) the Thompson River in honour of his good friend David Thompson."McDonald is correct, according to the one man who knows more about our regional history than anyone - Ken Favrholdt, a geography instructor at Thompson Rivers University."It was Simon Fraser, in 1808 on his journey downstream on the river named after him, who was the first white man to identify the river flowing into the Fraser at Camchin (Lytton), which he named the Thompson after his fellow Nor'wester who was exploring the Columbia watershed," says Favrholdt."David Thompson never saw the river named after him but showed it (and Simon Fraser's discoveries) on his great map of 1814."In his day, Thompson mapped an astounding 3.9 million square kilometers of territory in North America. He literally put Canada on the map.So it's really quite interesting that he never actually saw the one river that carries his name.Another interesting point: before Thompson created his map, the Pacific Fur Company and the North West Company, which had both established forts at Kamloops in 1812, called the Thompson the Shuswap River after the local Indian tribe. -

Ill Betcha never knew....

Fly fishing: Long considered a mans sport and domain .. but... did you know that the very first book ever written in english history on the beloved sport , was authored by a woman in 1496? AND  she was a nun !

Dame Juliana Berners

          Thompson River History

Jack Hemingway on the Thompson River.

Son of famous author Ernest Hemingway.

He died at age 76, from complications that arose from heart surgery. As much as you can tell from having spent an afternoon on the river with someone, I’d say he had a damn good heart. We’ll miss him streamside.

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